Descendants of Gilbert Heathorn

Origins and variants of the Heathorn name. Heathorn, Heathron, Haythorn, Hawthorn, from old Enlish Haegporn variant Haguporn Oldest known people with this surname, Hawthorn(e) William de Hagethorn 1155 Henry ate (at the) Hawthorn 1327, subside roll Worchestershire From Hawthorn in Durham or from residence near a hawthorn. Philip Haythorn 1332 Surrey Subside Rolls

Heath = wasteland with low scrubs or large tracks with open uncultivated land Overgrown with heather and brush wood, often a moor connecting a waste land. Dweller on the heath. Horn = to live near a spur, point, corner, nook, pocket, angle of land Projection or curve of a bend in a river or position where one lived. Or a parish in Kent or sign name or antiquate personal name in Kent, Surrey and Sussex  


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